$15,000 Provides a Home For Women to Heal.

During May 2014, the leased nine-bedroom home that we were living in for 6 years was suddenly needed by the church! Within two months, a woman, who had a heart to see women healed, donated to us her 1892 home with 3-1/2 acres of land! It was structurally sound but needed major renovations to bring it up to state code. It was not insulated and no heat or plumbing on 2nd floor. Wiring, plumbing, windows, furnaces, ducts and many other things needed to be replaced. The upstairs, a former dance hall, was turned into 8 bedrooms. To make a long story short, the house was gutted from top to bottom!   And...on top of that, a $30,000 Automatic Fire Sprinkler System and $10,000 Automatic Fire Alarm System needed to be installed. $20,000 for a new heated garage was needed in which to store 6,000 gals of water for the sprinkler System!

We are into our 3 year of remodeling, as we are totally dependent upon donations and volunteers.  Completion is in view and we are so thankful for all the help and donations we have already received!   We already raised $45,000, we need to just raise $15,000  more to be able to finish installing the Fire Systems! Our goal is to complete the fire systems and meet state approval by the end of the year so that we can get state approval to move in!

Once done we will be able to move into our home and provide for up to 14 ladies (vs the 5 at our current location)! We will also have land to expanse to raise animals and large garden both to provide therapy and to be somewhat self-sufficient. And the best thing…our home will be totally paid for!  

We Just need $15,000....can you help us, no gift is too small!


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